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About Us

Why we luv to help!

Luvtohelp was created because of our shared desire to improve the process and culture of giving back to the schools we care about. Budget cuts in California have hindered schools from reaching their full potential and current online fundraising programs aren’t doing the trick. We knew we had to help and we knew parents would luv to help as well. Our ability to leverage the newest online and mobile technology to form relationships between parents, schools and local businesses left us no choice but to get everyone involved!

What makes this luvtohelp different from other online fundraising programs?

San Diego focused! Faster Fundraising!

We are a San Diego centric program that puts San Diego schools, parents and consumers first. Our program is designed to empower consumers by giving them a one-stop solution to their fundraising goals. Rather than coupon cutting and codes, all you need is a credit card to start giving to the school of our choice. What better way of boosting the economy and creating leaders for the future than by bringing parents and businesses together to raise funds for our schools while growing local business! LuvtoHelp revolutionizes both grassroots fundraising and online and mobile technology to help schools raise more money faster, drive sales to local businesses, and give parents the tools to make a positive social impact while dining or shopping at their favorite places.

Why do local businesses luv it?

Increased Exposure!  Positive Social Image!  Powerful Information!

LuvtoHelp understands the struggles of local businesses competing against industry giants that have the capital to run extensive marketing campaigns and conduct detailed analytics on consumer trends.  In order to increase their competitive edge, we partner with these small businesses to market to a captive audience of parents.  We provide retailers with increased exposure, PR, and a positive socially responsible image.  In addition, we provide each merchant with powerful information about their target consumers that allows them to better position themselves in the market.  Each merchant will be able to track increases in sales and view spending habits, peak business hours, and demographics of all LTH members that shop at their location.

Why do Parents luv it?

Shop where you want to shop! Seamless!  Social! Fun!

Our research indicates that most parents would normally NOT choose to buy the chocolate bars, cookie dough, or gift wrap sold from traditional fundraising programs.  Further, box tops, loyalty cards, and coupons often get lost in the shuffle.  LuvtoHelp will eliminate these hassles utilizing a website and mobile app that make fundraising easy and fun!

We empower parents to support their children’s schools using mobile technology that makes it seamless for them to donate in the normal course of their daily lives – no planning-ahead and no gift cards required. On top of that they receive exclusive incentives such as discounts and rewards for shopping at places where they want to shop.

Everything is easier to do when it is fun!  LuvtoHelp allows parents to track their progress towards personal and school-wide goals.  Our socially integrated platform allows you to share your own fundraising achievements across all social networks and get your community involved. It’s fun, it creates a buzz, and it reminds parents to shop towards their goals!

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